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Environmental Reports

Environmental Data Report 1


An EDR environmental report on the property and neighborhood is available to you. It identifies if there are recorded instances of contamination on or near the property.

Environmental contamination issues can pose health and investment risks. It is unwise to assume that residential dwellings and property are not subject to these issues, regardless of the age, state, region of the country, urban or rural setting of the property.

The report typically searches the following databases as well as others suited to a residential property, depending on the locale:

  • Leaking Underground and/or Leaking Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • Landfills
  • State Hazardous Waste Sites
  • Federal Priority and Proposed "Superfund" Sites (most serious)
  • Emergency Response Notification Sites
  • Clandestine Drug Lab Sites "Meth Labs")
  • Center for Disease Control Environmental Health Assessments
  • Active and Former Department of Defense Sites
  • Radioactive Material Activity Sites

Reports show if any of these records of contamination are within a 300 foot radius (a 6 acre circle) of the target property, as well as what is beyond 300 feet, up to accepted EPA search distances. These reports DO NOT include septic tanks, or the presence of radon, lead, asbestos, mold or other conditions inside the structure.

Typically, the "status" of these records is indicated in the report. If the status is not available or if you would like additional information you will have these options:

  • Your inspector can procure more detailed information about specific sites by providing a Detail Site Report
  • The Report provides contact information for agencies that provide data within the Neighborhood Environmental Report
  • You can contact an professional Environmental Consultant
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